Get Away From the Paint!!

We moved into our home nearly 5 years ago. (Wow, has it been that long?!) We have a cute little ranch and I love that we live here. Until about a week ago, we had been living in it mostly as-is. The carpet is the original multi-color shag carpet. The only paint we changed is L’s room before he was born, also almost 5 years ago. Instead, we have been focusing on the garden, our family, work, and anything other than dealing with the bad decorating of the previous owners! Well, we caught a bug to change things. The kitchen and hallway that spans the length of the house (don’t forget, we live in a ranch) was yellow. Not a yellow that has richness and depth but a yellow that reminds me of a baby nursery from 1985. To add insult to injury, the molding and doors were dark brown.  My hallway looked like a rotten banana.  I was so excited to paint over the banana grossness, I forgot to take a before picture!
This photo had a little of the yellow still there! Progress!!
When I get an idea to do something, I have to do it NOW! I have an attention span of a 4 year old so I need to jump on it fast! Last weekend, I took down all the light switch plates, taped off the kitchen and J and I went to work! Most people think we are crazy when I tell them this but we decided to paint it red. Not a cute reddish hue but RED!! It. Is. Beautiful!!! This color has transformed our kitchen!
As many of you know, we have a 4 year old and 2 year old.  This latest idea of mine lead to some seriously intense moments of screaming, “GET AWAY FROM THE PAINT!!!!!!” over and over again. or saying, “That is wet, please get away from there!” or simply, “Get out of the kitchen. Please!” while trying to keep from losing it every time! I never knew how much my boys liked to lean until I didn’t want them to! Let’s just say, they stayed in older stained clothes all weekend.
We took a break during the work week and started back again yesterday morning. My sweet hubs painted for 9 straight hours, bless his heart! Hallway primer and paint, 2 coats each, and then the beginning of the doors that needed painting as well as the trim. The kids were extra interested this time around and that made it so much more exhausting! This weekend, we decided to let them help. I cut in the ceiling and floor and the boys got rollers. This was interesting. D couldn’t hold the roller up because it was too heavy and L was loving every minute of it for about 6 minutes. They both lost interest and wanted to either play a game on the Wii or watch the iPad.  Yes and yes!!  We were able to get the kitchen and hallway done in a week! Red kitchen and sage hallway! Loving the beautiful colors we chose!
Good night, friends! ❤

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