Prepping for that Sweet Baby

One of my very dearest friends is due any second to have her 2nd baby in almost as many years. That being said, I have been thinking about all the STUFF everyone tells you you need to purchase when preparing for a baby. When I was pregnant with L, I had a client tell me something similar to what I am about to tell you. YOU DON’T NEED ALL THAT STUFF!!!!! I thought she was crazy!! I later found out infants are definitely not easy but I feel like we make life harder with all the extra stuff that we clutter our lives with.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t listen and had all the extra stuff for my kids too. I am hoping I can impart some wisdom to anyone who will listen! Here are a few things I learned over the years.

If you can get things for cheap or free, like going to the resale shop or borrowing from a friend or family member, do it. The first year of your little munchkin’s life goes by so fast and they are only in those swings and bouncers and chairs and toys that light up and make sound and over stimulate their little minds for so long! I certainly thought there was no way I could go on without a play pen! I can probably count on one hand how many times my kids were in one. and the whole time, they were screaming! That thing was in the way more than it was ever used.

Some people may disagree with me but I never understood buying the overpriced rocker from the baby-everything supply store. If you plan on spending $500+ on a rocker, why not buy something that you can transition to somewhere else in your house when your baby isn’t such a baby anymore. That way, you aren’t stuck with a rocker with blue elephants or pink butterflies in the middle of your family room!

Babies need very little in the beginning. Warm clothes, a warm blanket, someone to change those lovely diapers and good food. Everything beyond that is comfort. That being said, here are a few items I would suggest getting to help make things a bit easier!

I didn’t register for it but someone gave me the Fisher Price Rock and Play and I was so grateful! I was able to keep my baby next to me in bed (Yes! Sleep!!) and it was portable so I could bring him all over the house or possibly to another friend’s house to nap. It also kept my babies at a 45 degree angle which helped with their acid reflux. I don’t think they slept in their bed until about 4 months!

The Moby wrap. You heard me! I am one of the most clumsy and uncoordinated people around and I figured out that very long piece of fabric. I was able to do the dishes and laundry with a baby strapped to me and I loved it. Any time I sat down, I felt like I needed to be super mom and wife since I was home all the time! (Totally a label I put on myself) I would jump up and need to be productive. This helped me do it! The connection I felt with my baby all day was awesome!

The Bumbo chair or something similar. Anything to be able to set your baby down(at the appropriate age, obviously) and observe the busy world around them! My boys LOVED this chair. It was great not only for when I needed to not hold someone but when I was cooking or cleaning and needed them to be independent, or for feeding. It now comes with an option for a tray that they didn’t have when my boys were little!

Anything else is simply parent hacks that I will explain in another blog soon! Anything to make parenting, and simply life, better is a big bonus!

Congrats and good luck to all you new soon-to-be moms and anyone else learning something new!