I pushed this off long enough

Well, Here it is! The post that I have been really excited for and the post I have been dreading all at the same time. Excited because I will be held accountable for everything I put in my mouth and dreading it because I will be be held accountable for everything I put in my mouth! I am over weight. I know this. After 10 years of being with the man of my dreams and 2 beautiful children, I have gained way more than the freshman 15! With that being said, I have set out on a journey to lose weight, get moving and lead a healthier lifestyle for not just me but my family.

This is the ever embarrassing before photo and let me tell you, I am mortified that I am putting myself out there this much! I am hoping this will be the motivation I need to really stick to it!

This is me. More than I reveal to most people and more than most people see. I worked out just today and I was exhausted. I decided to check out Jenny French’s aerobics on youtube. I realized a couple things today. 1. I am REALLY out of shape. 2. I am REALLY uncoordinated. 3. It is time to change my life so I can be here to take care of my kids and later, they won’t have to take care of me.

Yes, I worked out today. This picture is me post-workout on day 6. Having both boys home added 15 minutes to my workout since they need something every 2 minutes! I actually have worked out all week. I took D to the park around the corner from our house a couple days ago. He was great and sat in the stroller while I walked/jogged around the park a couple times before we stopped at the playground. D was my inspiration that day. As every little kid does, he has a need for speed and kept yelling, “Faster, mama! Faster!” There were a few times I would start running just to hear him laugh. Before I knew it, I was running more than walking! My legs felt like jello after that but it was awesome!

So here is a quick chemistry lesson for you. I have Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Having this makes me lose weight much slower. PCOS makes extra hair grow. It ultimately makes your body grow small cysts on your ovaries that are lined with testosterone. These cysts burst (most of the time quite painfully) and it will affect your body’s chemistry.

These are the many of my symptoms. It makes every day a little harder. It is difficult to lose weight with PCOS because all you want to eat is sugar and carbs and things that are SO not good for you. Those things make your body store fat even more. The last thing I want to do is get off the couch and work out when I am throwing myself a pity party about being overweight.

I have to do this. Today is the day that I say no more. No more eating junk every day. No more excuses. No more “I will do it tomorrow.” Today is the day I pull on my big girl pants and say enough is enough! It will take time and because I cry at everything, there will be tears. But in the end, I will be better for it. So bring it on, scale. Do your worst!!