Get Back to the Little Things

Every now and then, the depression and anxiety creeps in where I doubt myself. Where I think I am not the mom I hoped to be, where I think I am not the wife I planned to be. There is nothing in my life tells me these things, my mind just starts running and it is hard to catch it sometimes. I lose my temper over little things, I snap at J or the kids when it isn’t a big deal. That is the point when I need a minute just for me. I need an hour just for me. Being a stay-at-home mom seems like it would be easy but it’s hard. Really hard. Every time I finally get out to be alone for a while, I feel guilty and miss my family.

I have found a reasonable alternative that lets the stress melt away and still have the deep connection that I have with my boys.

This is a park near my home. I found it this week and I am ADDICTED!! 2 laps around this beautiful, serene pond and my mind is reset. There was something about this place that put my mind at ease. I was able to walk with D in the stroller and feel completely refreshed.

These Canadian geese were pretty mean because I was too close to their young but I couldn’t resist. Do you know they hiss? I was hissed at a few times. That was enough for me but those babies were darn cute!

This photo was actually even closer than it seems. This mama had no fear of me and I was able to get about 3 feet away from those beautiful babies.

I think we all need to find at least one thing that makes you happy and do it. For me, anything having to do with nature or being outside helps me breathe again. The sunlight on my face, the fresh air, the way the dew sparkles in the morning light, such a variety of colors, sounds and smells. All these things we take for granted when we are hurrying to the grocery store or heading to work or school.

I have to imagine what the world would be like if more people stopped to notice the little things. For me, It helps put things into perspective and brings me back to the the things that really matter. Seeing my son soak up everything that little pond had to offer was the comfort I needed to let the stresses of everyday life go for a while and I was back to feeling like my old self again.

Now, because I am feeling extra sentimental today, I challenge every one of you reading this to find that one thing that makes you happy and immerse yourself in it. If only once a week and see how your attitude, you day, your week, your life slowly starts to change. Put good out into the world and it will come back to you! In the long run, the things you thought were small and insignificant were actually the most important.