It's a Really Great Party When…

I have been working on this small surprise party for the hubby for about 2 months. As this is the first surprise party I have thrown by myself, I am pretty proud! This party started out innocent enough. After a couple hours, we had a sink full of empty beer cans, broken stuff, drinks (or pee) spilled in a bedroom and a STREAKER in the pool!!!

Once you have kids, your parties are not the same as your younger, carefree parties! Let me clarify!

I bought a 24 pack of Miller Light…there are still 7 cans in the fridge and there were over 30 people at the party. Yes, the sink was full but its not that big. After kids, it doesn’t take much to feel a buzz!

Something little and totally replaceable: a fishing pole was broken. No big deal! Our cutie patootie niece showed that she has huge guts and walked in to tell us she broke our son’s fishing pole. You could tell she felt really bad. I give her credit for coming in and confessing in front of the whole family! If that is the worst thing that happens, we are doing darn good.

The next thing we noticed was the bean bag chair that was completely wet!! Is this moisture pee or juice or pop?! No one knows. It was in one of the boys’ rooms. Luckily, it doesn’t smell like the worst option so now I am just trying to figure out how to wash this sucker. It may just be time to let it go.

Last, but most certainly not least, the Streaker. My same cutie patootie niece ran into the house and says, “Ummm, L took off all his clothes! He’s naked!” The fact that she’s under 10 years old made this so much more laughable to her. The kiddos had been running around the yard all afternoon and we filled our little 1-foot plastic swimming pool with water so they could practice fishing. I run to the door to yell at my naked son to get in the house. When I get to the door, I can’t move an inch further because I am laughing too hard. L, still wearing his boxer briefs, was jumping up and down and splashing in the murky pool water with one of the biggest smiles I think I have ever seen. I don’t think I will forget that as long as I live!

J had actually asked me to not throw him a party because he doesn’t want me to make a big deal of his birthdays. I can’t help it! It is similar to a reflex! I was lucky enough to have married the love of my life and even if he doesn’t want it, we are going to celebrate him every chance we get! I personally love birthdays and love letting people know I am happy they were born! So, happy birthday, Hubby!