Sometime, You Just Have to Shoot Stuff!

When my husband looked at me with that dad-sparkle in his eye and said, “I want to get the boys dart guns,” 2 things crossed my mind. How much do they cost? and Really?! I was not totally on board with getting them but who is ever ready for foam darts to be soaring through the air at all hours of the day with plenty of, “Ouch!! He shot me!!” Now, after a couple weeks, I LOVE them! We have actually used these dart guns to bring us even closer together!
One day last week, J came home with this guy,

 and this guy!
I was still not sold but who am I to say no to that much fun?! We waited until the evening to give the boys their new weaponry. Their jaws dropped and there was the smallest second of silence. Then the cheering started. They both grabbed a gun and took about 3 steps. They had no idea what or where to shoot. J and I sat down with the boys and started a little dart gun safety.
1. Do not point it at anything unless you  intend to shoot it.
2. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
3.Do not shoot anything living, including each other.
L looked like Ralphie from A Christmas Story with his Red Rider BB Gun. D is an all or nothing kind of guy so the “reaper” was perfect for him! We spent the next 2 hours shooting at the glass doorwall. When one dart would suction to the glass, that was where we aimed. Whoever knocked it down was the winner. We only had a few darts that came with the guns so the picking up and finding of the darts seemed to take longer than the actual shooting.  Needless to say, we bought a big multipack a couple days later. (I think about half of them are missing already!)
When J bought the multipack of darts, he also picked up a couple of smaller dart guns so we all could join in the fun. The time after dinner has never been so fun! Incorporating hand-eye coordination, motor skills and the ability to look for and find things into our routine seems to be helping. (Both boys cannot find things that are right in front of them so much of the time.)
Well, I’m converted. I love the dart guns and am sure there will be more in the future along with some fighting and yelling. What’s life without dart guns, fighting and yelling when you have boys?!

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