When Push Comes to I Need to Get a Job!

“You need to stop doing hair.” I heard it many times and I kept going back to it because it was something I was good at. Being a hair stylist was more than something I did, it was who I was. It was something that I liked to do and I could make good money doing it.

As the years passed, I started to notice more pain and numbness in my neck and shoulders. By the time I had L, I was nearly done. I was driving 45 minutes one way to work, drop L off at daycare, go to work for 10 hours, pick up L at daycare and drive 45 minutes home. It was exhausting! I tried a job closer to home and that didn’t work out either. Ultimately, I realized that staying home would be my best course of action. I thought of begging for my first job back just for the money, where I would be adding an hour and a half to each day. I realized that I would be paid the same amount as I would spend in daycare and gas. Ultimately, J and I decided it was best for me to stay home and raise our kids. We knew this would be tough but eating out less and trimming the fat would take us pretty far.

4 years and another son later, we are in a different boat. Cost of living goes up, insurance, cost of food, cars, even utilities for the house, everything goes up. I have decided to go back to work. J and I have been wracking our brains trying to figure something I could do so we wouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg in childcare. I cut spending everywhere I could think of but now that L is in school, that means less money going to childcare.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being home with my boys. There are days when I want to rip my hair out by the end of the day but they wouldn’t be our kids unless they pushed a few buttons. (This is easier said when I am sitting here writing at 10:30 pm after they have been in bed for 2 hours!) On the other side of that coin, I am a better mom and wife after I have had some time for myself. I am more understanding and more level-headed. Many people told me this would be the case when the kids were first born but I wouldn’t allow time for myself. I thought everything had to be done by me and everything had to only revolve around the family. J and I are both starting to make time for ourselves so we can be able to be better versions of ourselves for each other and the kids.

I took a long time trying to figure out what I wanted to do, what I needed to do and how I could still be the person who raises our kids when they are home. My conclusion came pretty quickly: work at the school! I have been looking at the same sign near my house for the past 6 months. This sign is advertising that they are in dire need of bus drivers for our district. What a perfect way to work when school is in session and be home on days off and over the summer!

I went for my interview last week and within an hour of said interview, I had the phone call making me the job offer! I was thrilled. No, I have never driven a bus. Yes, I am a little nervous but I know I can do it. I am more concerned about taking the written test than actually driving the bus! School starts up in a few weeks and I am jumping through the necessary hoops to get my CDL.

This will be quite a change for the whole family with so many adjustments for the next few months until we find out groove. My L will be in school full days and D will be in a daycare preschool. I cannot believe my baby is going to preschool! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we all transition smoothly and that the boys love the direction our family is moving.

I feel like there are pivotal moments when families have to change and find a new path that works for them. What changes have you made to your life and family to accommodate growth? How did you make things work? Feel free to comment or email me at coffeekidsandyogapants@gmail.com

Have a GREAT day and enjoy what is left of this beautiful summer,