Happy New Year and Some Baby Powder Too

Well, It is officially 2018 and I couldn’t be more excited! There are many things on the horizon that help me look to the future with positivity and happiness!
First and most important, we are that much closer to finally meeting this very active soccer player I have been carrying. Today starts the first day of the third trimester. I am thrilled since this guy seems to be waging war with my internal organs, more specifically my bladder as well as my rib cage on a fairly regular basis now. He is still yet to be named but if we were to take the suggestions of L, he would be called Darth, T-Rex, Storm Trooper or Crocodile. J and I keep plugging away to find the perfect name for the little guy! 3 more months!
For anyone who read my previous blog about the mess that was our bathroom before Christmas break, unfortunately, I lost my battle with the school district. Our superintendent was too busy to bother calling me back to address the safety issues I had with L’s bus driver. The other 2 people I spoke were not much help either. Because of our continued and growing concern for L under the supervision of that woman and his growing anxiety getting on the bus every day, J and I have decided we will drive him the rest of the year to ensure his safety. Yes, it will be much busier for us and we haven’t really worked out the logistics of it all when I go into the hospital to have baby number 3 but we will work it out. I look forward to spending more time dancing and singing in the car with L and D.
Now, it is a good thing that I don’t look at bad things happening on New Years Day as an omen for the rest of the year! J and I were quite surprised to find that we both woke at 8am on our own without hearing the kids running around, being stared at 2 inches from our faces, having the dog whining to go out or anything else for that matter. I lingered in bed a minute longer than J when I should have jumped up at the same time. J walked back in and said, “There is a price to be paid when sleeping in until 8! D found the baby powder!” I walked out into the kitchen to find D covered head to toe in baby powder. His clothes, hair, face all white!I wanted to take his picture but he wanted no part of that. Bummer!
I couldn’t help but to laugh. He immediately gave me this sweet smile, cocked his head to the side and threw a hip to the other as if to pose and say, but mama, how can you be angry? I’m so cute!  The next thought concerned me more. Where is the rest of it? I turn and look out into the living room to see the ottoman and surrounding floor also sprinkled with white powder as well. Upon further inspection, I found my blue shoes had been decorated too!



 J looked at me and asked, “So, do you want to give him a bath or clean up the living room?” I opted for the living room as I was still waking up. Surprisingly enough, it cleaned up rather easily. I was glad I didn’t totally blow up at Dylan for making a mess that a vacuum and damp cloth could fix so easily.
After all was said and done, we had a clean D, a freshly vacuumed living room, a house that smelled like a baby’s butt and a family ready to tackle the day. I decided to run out and get bagels and donuts to have a nice breakfast. I took the dog to get him out of the house for a few minutes. He whined the whole way there. Apparently he was not as excited to get out of the house as I thought! I placed my order, pulled around to the window, whining dog in tow. The woman at the window forgot to give me half the order and I had to knock on the window to get the rest. I set my coffee down on the center console and grabbed the rest of my bagels. I picked up my coffee and started to drive away. Homer started whining again as I was pulling back onto the road. I turned to try to calm him down and dropped my entire large triple triple with a shot of hazelnut coffee at my feet. I didn’t get a single sip. I don’t drink much coffee these days so this was a major bummer!

I drove home with the smell of my favorite hazelnut coffee lingering in the air while complaining the whole way talking about how no good deed goes unpunished. I get home, walk in the house and after about 5 minutes with my family, I was back to just being grateful again. J gave me a few minute to cool off, made a couple jokes and then we went on to have a great breakfast and day!
I know we all have good days and bad days. I don’t want to make any kind of big New Years resolutions as those always seem to get thrown out the window after about 2 weeks. What I will do is try to find that silver lining even in the hardest and crappiest situations. I have been working on having a more positive and fun-loving outlook on things. I hope I will be able to help others with that very thing! On that note, I hope this year brings you whatever it is that you truly need!
Happy New Year. Cheers to a great 2018!


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