Shocked and Inspired

Thus far, my blog has mostly been about my day to day life and how I do (or don’t do) everything that needs to get done as a SAH mom. I have 25 things that are going through my head at any given moment. With the pregnancy that number has increased and now I am fighting a cold so these tasks in my head tend to get a little jumbled and I have a tendency to be a bit forgetful.

That being said, we decided to go for a nice little family trip to The Home Depot with the kiddos this past weekend to pick up a few things and check out the gigantic dinosaur skeletons on display.  Even though it was pouring out, we took a drive just so we didn’t have to go right back to sitting in the house. Of course, the kids get hungry and immediately ask to stop for lunch. We make a quick stop at Dairy Queen and in case you were wondering, yes, it is fast food but I would go there over McDonalds or Burger King any day. Our whole family ate lunch with leftovers for $17! The chicken strips are actually whole pieces of white meat, the hamburgers are actually grilled over an open flame with fresh veggies on top and we get more food for less money! Win Win!!!
Anyway!! I put my debit card in my pocket so I wouldn’t have to carry a purse on top of the food. Jay stayed in the car with the kids who fell asleep on the way there. We went home, ate and had a great rest of the day. The next morning, I promised the kids that I would make a big breakfast with eggs, bacon, bagels, the works!  I should have checked to make sure I had the ingredients for a big breakfast. I went grocery shopping 2 days before but pregnancy brain makes me quite forgetful these days. I think I forgot about half of what I originally went to the store to buy. I woke up to no bacon, sausage or ham, no bagels. Eggs. I had eggs but that was all! I got D dressed and in the car and off to Kroger we went.

Once in the store, I started to remember more things I needed to get. Originally, I planned on spending $15 for bacon, bagels and some tea to help with this darn cold. They had apples I wanted to get and then I find they have BOGO roasts on sale so I get 2. I needed sliced meat for lunches this week. All those little things add up and pretty fast, my cart was half full as I went to the register. I am so busy talking to the cashier who knows me just from being in there so often, I had to fumble for my card to pay. I open my wallet, no debit card. I look through my purse, no debit card. I reach to my pocket to see if I put it in there, NO DEBIT CARD! I had $2 in cash. I look at the cashier and explain that I must have left my card at home and I feel like an idiot!! All I wanted to do was give my family a nice sunday breakfast to start week off right. They took my cart to the cooler so my food wouldn’t spoil. I scoop up D and head to the car, in the rain so I can run home, find my card and go all the way back to the store to pay for my food.
I get to the car and turn around to see the store manager running after me, waving and calling, “Hey, you!”
Confused, I check to see if she is talking to someone behind me. She ran after me to let me know that there is a woman who wants to pay my bill and that I should come back inside. My first reaction is that this is some kind of joke. I tell the manager that my bill is $75 and that is too much for a stranger to just pay!! The manager was very insistent that I had to go in and tell this woman myself. I scoop D up again and run back into the store.

Back inside, there is a very nicely dressed woman waiting for me credit card in hand. She tells me that she has been in my shoes. She was at the grocery store with her 2 kids and also pregnant. She forgot her debit card and had no other way of paying for her groceries. She was leaving to go back home and another customer stopped her and paid her bill. All that person wanted was for her to pay it forward. This nice woman, who I found out was named Katherine insisted on paying my bill. She told me she had been waiting for something like this to happen and that she was actually very excited to be in a position to do this for me. I was completely blown away. With all the negative things that happen in our world, it was so heartwarming to come across someone who was just waiting to do something nice for another person. Being the very emotional pregnant lady that I am, I burst into tears. $75 is a lot of money to me and for someone to not even blink an eye and do something so generous, I didn’t even know how to react! At the risk of being creepy, I asked her if I could give her a hug! She was so nice and gave me this huge hug and told me she wanted me to go home and have a great day with my family. She also asked instead of sending her money or a thank you, she asked me to keep her in my prayers every now and then. Once again, I was completely shocked. She grabbed my cart that they brought back out and pushed it over to me and told me to have a great day!
I walked out of the grocery store and couldn’t believe what had just happened! After getting the groceries and D into the car, I had to sit there for a minute to process everything! I sat there and before I even turned on the car, I had to say a quick prayer for Katherine. I turned the key and drove straight home to make breakfast and have a great day with my family.
I know I probably won’t ever see this nice woman again but if there is any chance my blog ever gets famous and she reads this post, I want her to know that she helped me in more ways than I think she will ever realize. It was more than the act of paying for groceries. It was an act of renewing my faith in people. She took my day and weekend in a totally different direction. She pulled me back into reality and helped me open my eyes and realize that we all need to be kinder to each other and everyone is going through something you don’t know anything about. That person who has a scowl on their face in the grocery store may have been in in pain. The person who cut you off on the road may have been thinking of a sick loved one and truly didn’t see you. These days, we are so defensive and are so quick to anger, we forget that people are just that: people. We are all human beings and if we can find some common ground, maybe there could be less violence and hatred but more love and compassion. That is where I am leaving you today. Have a great day!

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