What is with the Eyebrows?

I know I may ruffle some feathers with some people but I have to ask. What is with the EYEBROWS these days?!?! People are taking them, literally, to new heights. They are huge! Along with the size but the shape of them seems to have gotten much larger than most natural brows. Some have sharp points at the top, others are made to look like feathers! Why is it that we as a society have to change so much of ourselves to “look good.” I know styles and fads come and go, but where is the line of too much?
I feel like makeup has changed from something that enhances our natural beauty to something that completely changes what we look like and not necessarily in a good way. With the amount of bullying and mean taunting that happens every day, I have to wonder how this is interpreted by the younger generations. Do they think they have to wear makeup to look beautiful? I recently reached out to my facebook friends to just ask, “Do you wear makeup? Why or why not?”
I enjoyed reading the responses since it gave me many insights that I hadn’t considered. Many commented that it gave them a self-esteem boost and helped them feel better about themselves and the way they look. Others said they used minimal makeup just for blemishes and dark spots or to appear more awake.  Some said they feel more professional at work with a full face. A few more commented that they find it fun and really enjoy the artistic aspect of makeup. I am so glad I chose to reach out. They gave me insight that I otherwise would have discounted. Please don’t feel like I am pointing the finger at any specific group of women because I am in this too!
Back to my earlier question of younger generations, how is this affecting kids today? Not just girls but boys? For the little girls who see their moms, grandmas, aunts, teachers, etc., what does that say to them when everyone wears makeup to look good and feel good? Girls are bombarded and pressured to fill this cookie cutter and I feel like this is just one more thing that is programmed into their heads as at such a young age as a requirement to look good.
As for boys, they may not wear makeup but they do see a parent who has to change their appearance to meet a specific standard. I feel that parents don’t realize how much their kids hear on a regular basis. You could be making what you think is a little innocent comment to yourself about how your hips are too big or your face is blotchy but your child hears you complaining about the body or face that you have and that is where the body shaming creeps in. Simple negative comments that you think they don’t hear can have a lasting impression on your child(ren.)
I know this is a little deeper than most of the other blog posts but I have been thinking about this with every commercial and magazine cover with the air brushed and impossible heights some people go to for “beauty”. I feel that it is our responsibility and duty to our children to not only teach them that they are beautiful because of the kind of person they are but to teach them that if they choose to wear makeup, have reasons that make sense to you instead of doing it for someone else. I believe we need to be more kind to ourselves. I know this is easier said than done. I have to imagine as we are kinder to ourselves, we will be kinder to other people and hopefully with that, a more positive feeling of self worth and esteem that no makeup can give.

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