Why I failed at Direct Sales…Twice

Most of the time while on social media, I have been spending my time hanging out on my Instagram account with like-minded parent bloggers and finding entertaining quips all about parenting. It is highly entertaining and when I read most posts, I chuckle and think, that is SO true! or I just did that this morning! HaI There are days when it just makes the day go a little easier when there are other parents out there with a threenager who hates sleeping through the night. There are other moms and dads who struggle with their 5 year old going on 15. (These are my situations these days!!)

The reason I am telling you all of this is that with each post I make, I write in hashtags so more people can find my posts. Since I started doing this, I have been bombarded with direct sales reps. From Lipsense to ItWorks to Stella & Dot and Beachbody. I like the energy of the people contacting me and I appreciate their enthusiasm for their jobs. They are definitely persistent! Even after I kindly say, “No, thank you anyway. I have worked for a couple direct sales companies before and I am not interested.” I believe they take this to mean, Please, try harder to convince me that your company/products are different and that I only have to write about my experiences with the products and they sell themselves!

Here’s the problem. I bought into that…twice. I have worked for Young Living and then Norwex. There is nothing wrong with either of these businesses or products. I actually still use both but I was not making an income with them. I was actually in the hole after joining both companies. There is usually something you have to buy to start out, a kit that has products to display and/or business materials to assist you. If they tell you there is no charge to start your business, they are not telling you the truth. How can you sell anything without having at least a handful of products to see/sample?!

Part of the reason I stopped working for these companies was that I was overwhelming my family and friends (I am so sorry for that!!) with the products and ultimately realized that they were buying things to support my decision to pursue this business or they felt obligated to purchase these things. Either way, that was not how I wanted to make people feel by selling oils and cleaning products.

Look at your own facebook account. How many people do you know who are selling from a direct sales company? How many people have something they post about day in and day out while explaining how this product has changed so much of their life? That very well may be but there is something to be said for the market being completely saturated with these products. Everyone believes their product/company to be the best. I am all for finding and working for a company that you completely support and love. Most don’t find a job they are truly happy with.

Most recently, I received a message on facebook from a woman in Texas. She was writing to tell me she follows my blog and social media and was wondering how long I had been a health coach for. When I explained that I wasn’t one, she was “shocked!” Her response was, “Wait, you mean to tell me that you talk about health and wellness for free?!” I was slightly intrigued since she hadn’t mentioned anything about selling anything. I did a little research (aka stalking on facebook) and realized she was a beachbody coach. I explained to her that I was not interested in selling anything but have my blog and related social media as a way to actually inspire people without pressuring them to buy anything as well as keep me accountable in my own life. She explained that is exactly what she does! She writes about her experiences with their line of products including their shakes and “the products just sell themselves!”

Let me get this straight. So I need to spend roughly $100 a MONTH to tell people how great I feel (something I am doing already without the cost) and I will just make money without even trying? NOPE! Call me negative, call me a naysayer, that’s ok. I will continue to save money while following my own health journey.

I know this post will not be very popular with many who read it since the majority of my following have stay at home businesses through these kind of companies. Let me stress: if you work for one of these companies and love it, you enjoy it, you fulfill the reasons you have for doing it, MORE POWER TO YOU!! That is wonderful and I am happy you have found something that works for you.

Just remember, there are people who are simply not interested. Not interested in selling, not interested in buying, not interested in any of it. I have only recently learned how to say “no” and it is quite liberating. Being a people pleaser and saying yes to so much of what I didn’t want to do my whole life was driving me bananas. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my third child. I do not want to devote the time and energy into this kind of business right now and I won’t.

I’m curious. How many of you have been approached by one or more of these companies and even after saying you weren’t interested, were you pursued? Drop me a line here.

I have been working on a new project. One that will keep your own money in your pocket and not having to dish it out to grocery stores! Couponing and watching sales has been on my radar for years but recently I kicked it up a bit. A few days from now, I will be posting all about ways to make small changes to save BIG!! keep a lookout!!

As usual, thank you for taking the time to read my latest and have a great day!! xo