It's a Boy!!!

Yes, I am a tad late! Mostly because life has been a whirlwind and I have been completely enamored with our newest addition! I had my baby and have been quite lazy when it comes to my blog these days. Leading up to the delivery, I was so preoccupied with the fact that I was a week overdue and still hadn’t had my baby that I couldn’t write anything beyond continuous complaining! I was uncomfortable and stressed at the fact that H still had not arrived. We were finally induced and he was born on April 9th!

The induction went really well, relatively speaking! We went into the hospital on Sunday night and much to my surprise, I was contracting consistantly every 5 minutes! I had been having so many braxton hicks contractions the last month of pregnancy, I didn’t think much of it! Unfortunately, my body was not progressing so I still had to have the induction.

I was given medicine to get things going the night before along with sleeping pills to help me get some rest. Lord knows I wouldn’t have slept a wink otherwise! By 6am, I was progressing well but they wanted to start the pitocin to help me along. Early on, my nurse suggested I get my epidural instead of later. She had a feeling I would progress quickly. While waiting for the anesthesiologist, J and I sat and listened to the not so calm screaming of the woman delivering next door. I was absolutely thrilled when the nurse walked in with the pain meds!

Finally around 8am, my doctor arrived, at 10:10am I started pushing and by 10:11am, H had entered the world. He was perfect! He had 10 fingers and 10 little toes, tons of hair and of course, his daddy’s beautiful blue eyes.

Wrapped like a burrito, they handed him to me and I was completely in love. He was so alert and very curious already. I spent extra time in the delivery room since my nurse forgot to turn off the epidural (oops!!). I was entirely ok with that since it gave me a few extra minutes to breastfeed and bond with H. I was eventually taken to another room and settled in for the duration of my stay.

I have never been a fan of hospitals especially when I had to stay overnight. Since H and I were both doing great and there were no complications, we were able to go home the next day! There is no longer a nursery in our hospital. If I was going to wake up in the middle of the night and feed my baby, I wanted do it in the comfort of our home instead of the sterile, dry hospital.

I have to say, of all the deliveries and hospital stays, this was by far the best. Absolutely every person we came in contact with this visit was outstanding! They did make the stay much better than in the past but coming home was awesome!

We were out of the hospital by about 1pm and were able to come home, let H meet Homer (our yellow lab) before J’s mom came home with the boys. I was so relieved to be home and with my boys. I always feel so much better when I am with them.

The last month has been a month of transitions. L and D fell in love with the newest addition to the family just as J and I did. I do think they are still trying to see how we all fit together now that there is 5 of us instead of 4. We have a little more competition, a little more arguing, a little more negative attention around the house since J and I can’t always jump up to assist the 2 older boys.

J ended up being home with us for 2 weeks (yes!) instead of 1 after H was born. I was told I couldn’t lift anything heavier than H for the first 2 weeks. I was on restrictions and there was no way I would be able to do everything I was supposed to do.

J did everything: cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, driving to and from school, bath time for the kids and the list goes on! (I am so spoiled!!)I was able to spend the time bonding and learning all the early ins and outs of our little guy. I think that is a huge reason we have succeeded with breastfeeding as much as we have. I am so grateful we had that time together as a family as well.

When J went back to work, I don’t know if I was sad that everything would be harder without him home all the time or if it was that I would miss him so much. I got very used to having my best friend around 24/7 and so did the boys.

One thing I know for sure is that H is the little baby that God knew we needed. Our gigantic surprise makes this family complete. As stressed and tired as I am, I feel like I am a better mom to all my boys. I try to be a little more patient and understanding. (some days are better than others) I have been on edge lately since H has been having some issues with my breast milk. I will talk all about that in my next blog post, The Total Elimination Diet and Breastfeeding.

Here is the part I love about blogging! The feedback!!

Hey moms! (and dads!!) Tell me that moment. That moment you knew things were just right, even with the stresses and hiccups that come along the way but you know things will be fine because you have your family. This is that time for me!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day!