What Happens at 2AM in Our House

I am fairly certain that I can count on one hand how many times I have slept through the night in the past year. I was up to pee every couple hours at the end of my pregnancy. That led to being up with an infant every couple hours. Now, on top of night feedings for H, D wakes at least 4-5 nights a week. He wakes me to tell me his room is dark…yep! You read that right! His room is dark. Then there are nights he will just be awake and roaming the house. He has had night terrors for a while and bouts of sleepwalking too. Needless to say, D doesn’t sleep very well at all.

Moreso recently, he will wake at 2:00am or 3:00am peruse the fridge, creep into our bedroom and grab a phone to play games, try to log onto my laptop, give his hair a few snips in the bathroom while playing in the sink. He is very quiet and has perfected his craft. He will also go so far as to pull our bedroom door closed without latching it so it muffles sound just enough.

The nights I do hear him, I put him back to bed and wait. I wait and wait and wait for him to go back to sleep. Some nights he falls asleep quickly. Other nights it can take a couple hours. (The next day is usually a trainwreck since he and I are so exhausted!)

Yesterday was a particularly bad day since he was awake for more than 3 hours the night before. Jay and I had stayed up later than usual. During the day, we taught the boys to play the game UNO that Santa brought. Jay and I decided to get crazy on our Saturday night. We sat down with a couple hard ciders, some peanuts and pretzels and played to 500 points.

At nearly 11:30, Dylan came out of his room, still groggy. We turned him around and helped him back into bed. We thought he was back to sleep. Jay went to bed and me, being the night owl, wanted to squeeze in just one episode of ER that I have been binge watching as of late.

After about 10 minutes, Dylan walked out and said he couldn’t sleep. I turned off the show and we snuggled for about a half hour. He was still awake. From there, I suggested we go into his room and I will stay with him until he falls asleep. When 2:00am hit, I was fighting to keep my eyelids open and so was he. His eyes were closed. FINALLY! I stood up, turned off the lights and went to bed. I’m pretty sure I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

4:45am came too soon! D was sleeping in bed. H was crying for a bottle and I was up again. I mixed a bottle, changed H, fed him and he went back down. As I walked in the dark to put the empty bottle in the kitchen, I noticed a light on the couch. I rubbed my eyes and looked closer. My laptop that is normally on the side table next to the couch was in the middle of the couch. Then I noticed the big sauce pot sitting next to it. D had pulled out the huge pot of chili from dinner the night before. I was planning on having that for at least a couple dinners and freeze some as well. There was probably enough to fill a cereal bowl left in the bottom of the pot.

There is no way D ate ALL of that chili and then it dawned on me. He shared, oh so generously with the dog. The two of them ate what would have been at least 2 more meals for the whole family. (Homer didn’t need his usual breakfast that morning!)

The next morning, my wonderful husband got up with the boys and closed the door so I could get some extra rest since he knew I was up for so long in the night. When I woke up, J pointed out that there were a bunch of hairs on the bathroom sink that were left over from someone playing in the bathroom. We both went to D and asked him numerous times if he cut his hair. He insisted he didn’t do it. This has happened before so we weren’t too quick to believe him. I spent the day inspecting his hair, looking for places that he cut. He doesn’t usually sit very well for haircuts so his hair is usually a choppy mess. I never figured it out.

He will be 4 years old in about a week and we both attributed the lie to his age and him not wanting to deal with the consequences from his overtired parents.

Today, we were eating breakfast when I noticed L’s hair looked…weird. I ran my hands through the front to move the hair back into place and that is when I realized what happened. D did NOT cut his own hair. L DID! J and I immediately looked at D and apologized. We felt terrible! We gave him such a hard time the day before for a. cutting his hair and b. lying about cutting his hair. I have to say, he took the criticisms like a champ!

If nothing else, parenting is keeping us on our toes! There are a few lessons for each of us this New Years weekend! The most important for me is to keep an open mind and don’t put expectations on everything. Shockingly (that was sarcasm if you didn’t know!!) I have this need to control EVERYTHING!! I need to relax more. If I were a New Years resolution kind of person, that would be it. Instead, I am making a conscious effort every day to give my boys the best, more relaxed version of myself. Any time of year is good for self-reflection and improvement!

I want to hear from you! Drop me an email here! Do you have a resolution? If so, what is it and why?!

As always, thank you for reading and have a great holiday! Stay safe tonight!!