A Couple Beginner Workouts that Kick Your Butt

Anyone who knows me knows I have been on this new road to health, fitness and overall positivity. Eating right was the first step. I have been doing my intermittent fasting and I love it! It gives me the freedom to still eat things I enjoy but keeps me from overeating.

I have been slowly been adding workouts to my routine. I would love to go to the gym and work out for a couple hours, but I have kids ages 6, 4 and 10 months old. I don’t have time for that! I have been, however, doing workouts at home and I love them!

Originally, I went to my Jillian Michaels DVDs that I have had for years. She kicked my butt and I pushed a little too hard and burnt myself out real fast. I think I will save her awesome butt kicking for a day when I feel my knees and I can handle it a bit better.

Instead, I turned to YouTube and found some awesome free workouts that are low impact and are relatively short so I can fit my workout in during H’s morning nap and have time to cool down and hydrate before he wakes again.

When I first stumbled across it, low-impact cardio sounded like it wouldn’t be worth it. I totally thought I was a wimp for even searching for them. I always thought I have to jump up and down and step on a special box and so on to get that cardio workout. Boy, was I wrong! I found this awesome video from POPSUGAR Fitness! It kicked my butt! I’m not gonna lie, it was nice to see the cute skinny girls struggling right along with me! The moves are pretty basic and they show great modifications when the moves get too hard. I highly suggest checking it out!

I have always been a fan of Leslie Sansone and her Walk Away the Pounds videos. Her videos are upbeat and her positive vibes makes it easier to stick with it. I have had the same DVD for the past decade. Apparently, she stepped up her game because I looked up her newer workouts on YouTube and couldn’t believe the difference! This short video was exactly what I needed! My attention span is less than stellar so her high energy and constant changes keep me going. I can get my workout in during naptime and still have a few minutes to recover before H wakes up.

What are some workouts you like to do? Are there things you are interested in learning about in the realm of health and fitness that I could help you with? Let me know here!! I love when my readers reach out! Let me know your fitness goals! We can do this together!

As always, check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine/lifestyle

change. Always remember to start slowly and work your way up. Getting fit is not easy. Losing weight is HARD. Being overweight is HARD. Choose your HARD!

Thank you for reading!! Stay warm and be the sunshine in your life today!