A Tale of Cat Scratch Fever

Anyone who knows me is fully aware that I am not a cat person. I have always been drawn to dogs. I love their energy and their happy go lucky personalities. My sister, on the other hand is a cat person. She has 2 black cats and truth be told, they are the only cats I actually like. T (my sister) has a sweet spot for the furry feline friends.

That being said, I tell you this short story so I may be able to share with you the text message I received tonight and the chuckle that followed. I hope you find it as funny as I did.

Last week, I received a text from T stating that she was walking home from a long day and she spotted a cat with her kitten just outside her apartment. As Michigan winter weather can be brutal, the cat and her kitten tugged at the heartstrings of this cat lover. She knew the weather was going to be exceptionally cold and she felt it her duty to help these poor animals subject to the elements. She went up to her apartment, gathered a box and blanket and returned to offer some kind of shelter and warmth to the otherwise possible catsicles.

She walked up to place the box near them but the Cat was scared for herself and her kitten. Before T could retreat, the cat lunged and sunk her 4 sharp teeth into my sister’s hand. Not knowing what kind of diseases this cat may carry, she called for an Uber to her friend’s house and the great friend that she was, took T to the hospital. After assessment and many painful shots later, she returned home from the emergency room.

The next day, the wounds only worsened. She noticed the swelling had increased and pain was less than tolerable. The day drew on causing T much more pain. She returned to the hospital where they told her she had a significant infection and would need to stay while they gave her IV antibiotics and drained the infection out. A stay overnight would suffice.

The next morning, she woke with the idea that she would be going home. (Today would not be that day.) At this point, T was tired, bored and missing home. While she waited for discharge papers to come in, T noticed the too familiar pressure and pain as well as redness from infection. Once again, the nurse observed her hand and broke the news she would have to stay yet another night in the hospital. Stronger antibiotics were administered and she was finally able to go home.

I have been checking in with her every day to see how things are going and luckily, it seems she is healing well. Tonight, I received a text from her that was dry, to the point, eloquently put and struck me as absolutely hilarious and is as follows:

“I spotted my cat assailant and her baby in the box I got hurt for giving her. So at least it was actually for something. She or someone moved the box to new bush real estate. They looked comfortable and smug. We made eye contact. I waved.”

I chuckle again, even harder because I can just picture her with her perfect lipstick, big white sunglasses, stylish black coat with large bushy collar and Doc Martin boots standing in the middle of the sidewalk, staring at them and waving.

She may have gotten cat-scratch fever from doing a good deed but I feel that she would go out of her way again (maybe a bit differently) to help these small animals continue their Tale of Two Kitties!