Big Changes in the Future

Hi Everyone!

I am currently in the process of changing many aspects of my blog. I have been looking for a way to connect to more people and hopefully help other like-minded awesome people.

agriculture basket beets bokeh
Photo by Pixabay on Please bear with me during this transitional period!

I have been working on my latest blog posts and have tons to tell you all about!

My sweet little baby boy H is a walking maniac! It is hard to keep up with him these days!

L has spring fever and it is lighting a fire in him! No more are the days of staying inside! Outside is where it’s at and I couldn’t be happier! Yes! Go outside and burn of all that energy!

D still would love to sit and watch tv all day if I let him but he has recently gained the curiosity for letters. I have been pushing them for quite a while but if it isn’t his idea, you can’t make him do it! I wish his preschool teachers the best of luck in the fall!

I have decided to take the plunge and rip up about 1/3rd of the back yard and plant my garden I have always wanted. The best part is that my husband loves me to the moon and back and he supports me in my crazy endeavors. Yes, I may drop some cash renting a tiller and buying plants because I simply cannot grow them from seed (YET.) I keep thinking of all the money I will save growing our own produce. Knowing where it came from and that it is healthy and clean. I will be able to preserve so much of what I grow whether it is through freezing or canning or cold storage in the basement. Either way, I am seeing this as a big win for my family. I am so excited to share all of this wonderful information with you!

First up–prepping the garden soil. I will give you a step-by-step guide as to what I do and what works for me. This summer will be hard-working, back-breaking and SO worth it!

agriculture backyard blur close up
Photo by Lukas on

I know it is early but I plan on getting my boys out in the garden. They need to feel the soil. they need to pull the weeds and see where their food comes from. They will have plenty of fun this summer but they will also learn what it takes to put food from the ground to the table.

I am looking forward to these big changes as well as the blog changes too! Keep a lookout for new posts all the time!

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you are starting to enjoy some of this beautiful spring weather!

Have a Great Day,


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