My Story

I am a stay-at-home mama and house wife who loves coffee, my beautiful kids and YOGA PANTS!!

Ever since we started planning our family, my husband J and I knew we wanted to be a little more old fashioned. We knew it would take some hard work and sacrifice for me to quit working as a hair stylist and stay home with the kids but we wanted to raise our children ourselves. No daycare, no nanny. That being said, this has been an interesting past six years. In addition to the stress of starting a family and figuring how to get those teeny diapers on that little baby, we have also been working on building not just a house but a home for our three beautiful children. This has not always been the easiest task. My husband has been working for the same company for 17 years. I have been trying to work from home for different direct sales companies and failing miserably, staring my own soap company and working hard to stay in the black, postpartum depression, GERD and colic in all three babies. My husband J and I have 3 beautiful boys, L who is 6, D who is 4, and H who is 9 months. Things have not always been the easiest. We have, however, been able to plant a thriving garden and preserve food for our family. Get our son into a wonderful school specializing in his specific needs. Wading through the terrible three’s with no end in sight! I have figured out how to use coupons and sales to make the most of a dollar. I LOVE making and creating things as opposed to going to the store and buying them so I have to get even more creative there too. There are so many things I am still learning and I want to share those experiences and possible mistakes, however ridiculous and funny they may be, with you! The things I can always depend on to make me feel comforted that I am going in the right direction, besides my awesome husband, is Coffee, Kids and Yoga Pants!

Many of my stories are simply my everyday life and the craziness that ensues with having a house full of boys. Starting this January 1st 2019, I am taking the opportunity of a brand new year to make this year mine! Time for me to take charge of my health, weight and life! Stay tuned for some great changes happening! 2019 will be a year of great joy and change!

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