Health and Fitness

A Step in the Right Direction

Life post-baby has been hectic to say the least! I have been on this journey of self-discovery lately and I have realized that I have let myself go by the wayside while I take care of the house and family. I stopped taking time for not only my physical health but my mental health. For so long, my blog was the way for me to feel connected and sane on those days where everything else was overwhelming me. I was down and out for the most part of a year. I lost motivation and inspiration. I was tired.

Now that I have moved out of the baby fog, I have regained that spirit that I once had and have a fire inside me to make huge strides to become a better version of myself inside and out! I am using January 1st, 2019 as a jumping point. I have always looked at people who make New Year’s resolutions as kind of silly because they don’t usually last. But what about the people who make a new years resolution and actually stick to them?! I want to be THAT person! I’m GOING to be that person!

2019 will be the year that I took back my life and got better. Better for myself, my husband and my children.

Cheers to the next 12 months!